Cataloging & Classification Quarterly

Volume 21, Number 2 1996


This issue of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly features presentation and reports from the Thirty-sixth Allerton Institute held October 23-25, 1994 at Allerton Park in Monticello, Illinois. The Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign sponsored the Institute with Pauline Atherton Cochrane serving as the Institute Organizer. Cochrane introduces the Institute in her remarks by the same name, "New Roles for Classification in Libraries and Information Networks."

All the contents of this issue are from the Allerton Institute except the article by Elaine Broadbent, "Classification Access in the Online Catalog." The classification theme of her contribution suggested that its maximum impact would be to include it in an issue treating primarily classification topics. As Editor, I am pleased to present proceedings from the Allerton Institute on classification. With this issue and the recent theme issue on classification (19 (3/4)), the contents of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly more fully reflects its name.

It is also a pleasure to announce the establishment of a World Wide Web Home Page for CCQ. And, I am happy to welcome Roger Brisson to CCQ's editors and editorial board. If you have Internet and Web access we hope you will take a look at the Home Page. Its URL is:

Roger and I welcome your comments and suggestions. By giving early distribution through the Home Page to tables of contents, abstracts, editorials, professional news, and calls for papers, we hope to forge a complementary relationship between electronic and print components of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Your input will help shape this research and development effort.

-- Ruth C. Carter

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