Cataloging & Classification Quarterly

Volume 24, Numbers 3 / 4 1997


The theme of this issue is decidedly international, not intentionally, and not exclusively, but definitely international in content, in authors, and in the publication of an article in it language other than English. Globalization of information is not new and has been treated previously in Cataloging & Classification Quarterly. Yet, in putting this issue together I was struck by the international makeup of the articles.

 Two authors are European. One shares developments in Germany that give promise of convergence of the German cataloging rules with AACR2; the second writes about authority work in Italy. This article paves new ground for CCQ as it is published in Italian with an English summary. As Editor, I welcome comments on the possibility of including an occasional article in a language other than English, but with a summary in English.

One article discusses determining missing dates, in particular in German imprints. The article describing the evolution of CONSER and FCC is also international in scope, if not obviously so. In this case, the National Library of Canada has been a long term member of CONSER. Most records for Canadian imprint serials, at least those cataloged by the National Library of Canada, are bilingual with French subject headings and other French language entry points. Canada also figures into the study reviewing efforts to achieve Universal Bibliographic Control (UBC), an enumeration of the convergence of practice between the Library of Congress, the British Library, and the Canadian and Australian national libraries. The final article concerning non-print cataloging does not have an explicit international aspect, but non-print items and their access are not limited to English speaking countries.

This issue also includes the review of two computer files and two books. Last, but not least, the News Column picks up the international theme with reports from the VII Transborder Library Forum = VH Foro Transfionterizo de Bibliotecas, held in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, February 20-23, 1997. Our increasingly interconnected world, with its underpinnings of shared information. is almost so routine as to not merit special mention. As former US Secretary of State William P. Rogers foresaw, "The world of the future will not flourish behind walls-no matter who builds them and no matter what their purpose." (1)

-- Ruth C. Carter 


 1. Respectfully Quoted, A Dictionary of Quotations, edited by Suzy Platt. New York: Dorset Press. 1992, p. 380.

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