Cataloging & Classification Quarterly

Volume 25, Number 2 / 3/ 4  1998

Table of Contents

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Special Issue: Portraits in Cataloging and Classification: Theorists, Educators, and Practitioners of the Late Twentieth Century

Introduction.  By Carolynne Myall and Ruth C. Carter

The Editors of CCQ.  By Ruth C. Carter

Dorothy Anderson: A Welcoming Climate for International Work.   By Dorothy Anderson with Carolynne Myall

Derek Austin: Developing PRECIS, Preserved Context Index System. By Derek Austin

Henriette Davidson Avram, The Great LegacyBy Ling-yuh W. (Miko) Pattie

Miss Elizabeth (Betty) Baughman. By Sara Shatford Layne

John J. Boll: My Long Road to the Classroom.  By John J. Boll

Doris Hargrett Clack, 1928-1995  Called to Teach.  By Adeline W. Wilkes

C. Donald Cook, 1923-1994By Nancy Williamson

Custer and the Modernization of Dewey. By Gregory R. New

Ingetraut Dahlberg: A Brief Self-Report. By Ingetraut Dahlberg

Doralyn Joanne Hickey, 1929-1987:  A Brother Librarian's Perspective.    By Damon D. Hickey

From Lost Luggage to the Library of Congress:  Joseph H. Howard's Contributions to Librarianship. By Martin D. Joachim

Seymour Lubetsky.  By Michael Carpenter

Margaret F. Maxwell:  Bequest of Joy, A Life with Books. By Margaret F. Maxwell

John Wallace Metcalfe.  By Jack R. Nelson

James Harold Moon: Cataloger, Teacher, Friend.  By John Sluk

Jeanne Osborn: Gladly Lerning and Teching.  By Jeanne Osborn

Annette Lewis Phinazee: Visionary, Cataloger, Educator.  By D. McAllister-Harper, Virginia Purefoy Jones, and Mary Beth Schell 

Mary Piggott: A Long Long-distance Friendship.  By Kathryn Luther Henderson and Mary Piggott

An Interview with Paule Rolland-Thomas.  By Paule Rolland-Thomas and Carolynne Myall

A Modest Master: A Glimpse of the Four-Decade Career of Arnold Wajenberg. By Dajin Sun

Hans Wellisch: Cultivating the Garden of Librarianship. By Hans Wellisch

Patrick Wilson:  A Bibliographer Among the Catalogers. By Patrick Wilson

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