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Volume 28, Number 3 1999

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EDITORIAL By Ruth Carter

CCQ INTERVIEW. Carolynne Myall, Interview Editor.  
An Interview with Tom Delsey, conducted by Mike Heaney.
Tom Delsey (Director General, Corporate Policy and Communications, National Library of Canada) discusses his logical model of AACR, now under review by AACR's Joint Steering Committee. The interviewer is Mike Heaney, Associate Director for Service Assessment, Planning and Provision, University of Oxford.

The Changes of Meaning in Subdivided Subject Headings. By Karen M. Drabenstott, Bonnie A. Roeber Dede, and Melanie Leavitt
The impetus for a large-scale study on subject heading understanding was a recommendation of the Library of Congress (LC) Subject Subdivisions Conference that suggested standardizing the order of subject subdivisions for the purpose of simplifying subject cataloging.  This paper focuses on unexpected large-scale study findings about multiple meanings for subdivided subject headings and the effects that changes of meaning for different orders of subdivisions had on the meanings that end users and librarians provided to subdivided subject headings.  Findings about changes of meaning insubdivided subject headings did not dissuade the authors regarding their recommendation that the library community adopt a standard order of subdivisions.  The authors also give suggestions for additional studies of subject heading understanding that build on this one.

The Cataloging of Digitized Texts. By Jim E. Cole  
The author examines the cataloging of microreproductions and digitzed texts, and proposes the adoption of the Library of Congress microform model for the cataloging of digitizations.

An Approach to Managing Vocabulary for Databases on the Web. By Ronald C. Jantz.  
. This paper proposes an approach for managing vocabulary for reference databases on the Web.  The approach is directed at domain specific databases in which much of the referenced material remains in non-digital form.  A combination of interactive and manual processes are outlined along with a proposed implementation approach.  For this limited class of databases, it is suggested that the approach can significantly improve vocabulary management with relatively low costs in manual effort.  

Retrospective Conversion: the Experience at the University of Botswana Library. By Rose Tiny Kgosiemang.
This paper describes the University of Botswana Library (UBL) retrospective conversion project and introduces the UBL automation planning activities. The paper also briefly discusses sources of records used in the creation of UBL database; authority control measures; decisions made regarding the editing of records and the recommended conversion procedures.  More attention is placed on the actual UBL conversion project as well as the experiences of other libraries.  This part details how the project was carried out at U.B. Library from September 1995 until July 1997 and reports implications in terms of staffing arrangements, success rates and quality considerations. Lastly, the paper describes the methods the library used to convert the collection. It examines the problems encountered throughout the project and gives advise to libraries that might be in the process of embarking on a similar project.  

New Department Head's Staff Introduction Survey.  By Lyn Condron  
A survey was designed for new department heads at Tufts University to use in facilitating introductions with a new staff.  Questions focused on eliciting information about individuals’ skills, training needs, and job satisfaction. Background, lessons learned, and the survey with results are included. The author presented this paper at ALCTS/CCS Heads of Cataloging Departments Discussion Group, ALA Midwinter, 1999.

Michael Carpenter, Book Review Editor

Technical Services Today and Tomorrow, edited by Michael Gorman.  2d ed. 
Reviewed by George Gibbs

Management of Serials in Libraries, by Thomas Nisonger. 
Reviewed by Linda Smith Griffin

Indexing and Abstracting in Theory and Practice, by F. W. Lancaster.  2d ed. 
Reviewed by Bert Boyce

 CATALOGING NEWS Vol. 28, Nr 3  By Elizabeth Steinhagen, Editor

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