Cataloging & Classification Quarterly


Volume 32, no. 4, 2001




EDITORIAL  "The Old and the New" / by Ruth C. Carter


CCQ INTERVIEW     Carolynne Myall, Interviews Editor


From AACR Revisions to CONSER'S SCCTP:  An Interview with Jean Hirons

by Karen Chan


Abstract:  Jean Hirons, CONSER Coordinator, Library of Congress, discusses her career in serials cataloging and control.  Topics include the revision of AACR concerning seriality and treatment of continuing resources, Hirons' critical role in this process, and the roles of other individuals and of CONSER task forces; harmonization of AACR proposed revisions with ISBD/S and ISSN standards and practices; changes in CONSER's governance; the continuing development of CONSER's Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program (SCCTP); the creation of a publication pattern database; and CONSER's future. 


Keywords:  CONSER, SCCTP, Serials cataloging, ISBD/S, ISSN, publication patterns, continuing resources




FRBR and Further

by Patrick Le Boeuf


ABSTRACT: The conceptual data model developed by IFLA, Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR), is likely to induce profound changes in cataloguers' landscape. This article strives to gather as many comments on FRBR as possible, as they were found in professional literature all over the worlds (mostly on the Web). Many commentators actually suggest additions and modifications to the IFLA model, and it would be very useful if IFLA made an assessment of all of these suggestions, either to accept them or to reject them. In the next section, the potential consequences of FRBR on catalogues are outlined. KEYWORDS. Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records. Conceptual data modelling-Implementation. Library catalogues-Structure. Online cataloguing-Prospects.


Outsourcing Authority Control: Experience of the University of Saskatchewan Libraries

by Vinh-The Lam


Abstract:  Authority Control (AC) is an important cataloging function aimed at achieving catalog consistency.  It is very time-consuming and labor-intensive.  During the 1990s, many North American academic libraries, under budgetary constraints, have tried to outsource AC activities.  The Cataloging Department of the University of Saskatchewan Libraries (USL) outsourced its AC activities to the Library Technology Inc. (LTI), a United States-based AC processing vendor.  This paper summarizes the experiences gained by USL in this AC project: the decision-making process in the selection of LTI; pre- and post-database clean-up by LTI; and, the current AC activities. Keywords:  Authority control  --  Outsourcing  --  Academic libraries  -- 


Use of Popular and Literary Criticism in Providing Subject Access to Imaginative Literature

by Susan M. Hayes


Abstract: This study examines the recent trend towards the provision of subject access to imaginative literature, particularly fiction.  Results of the research include: 1)an enumeration of theoretical problems associated with the provision of multi-dimensional subject access to imaginative literature; 2) an investigation of literary criticism's relevance to the subject analysis of works of imaginative literature; 3)an analysis of the denotative and connotative topical elements constituting works of imaginative literature; and, 4) an evaluation of the non-standard practice of formulating access points from criticism. Keywords: Access point, Connotative, Denotative, Fiction, Literary Criticism, Subject Access, Subject Analysis


BOOK REVIEWS    Michael Carpenter, Editor



The Future of Cataloging: Insights from the Lubetsky Symposium / edited by Tschera Harkness Connell, Robert L. Maxwell

--reviewed by Kathryn Luther Henderson


Successes and Failures of Digital Libraries / by Susan Harum and Michael Twidale

--reviewed by Jason Holmes



Music Librarianship at the Turn of the Century / edited by Richard Griscom

--reviewed by Tina Murdock


CATALOGING NEWS Sandra K. Roe, News Editor

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